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No credit check mobile

If you have been searching for the best bad credit mobile phone contract, then look no further.  Here at phones 4 bad credit we have the very latest handsets all available on a bad credit pone contract.  If you are looking to upgrade your scrappy pay as you go handset and make the most of a bad credit mobile contract, then we are the best people to advise you.  We guarantee that we never carry out a credit check to leave an unwanted footprint on your credit file.

Phones 4 for bad credit have the very best in the latest handsets on a bad credit mobile contract.  We have the new Apple iPhones, including the iPhone XS. We have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the latest Google and Nokia handsets to boot.  We can guarantee that you will be accepted for a bad credit mobile contract whatever your circumstances are.

Get accepted in minutes with a bad credit mobile contract

Many folk across the UK are in the same situation as you with a less than perfect credit score.  This is a debilitating position to be in as so many everyday needs are denied if you have a poor credit score.  You are unable to use credit for online shopping, you are penalised for your home utilities for phone and internet let alone the rejections from mobile phone providers.  A bad credit score can stay with you for years even though your financial circumstances may have changed. Even those who have never had credit before such as many young adults, are considered to be a bad credit risk and are often rejected, leaving a mass of negative footprints on your credit file without ever having credit.  Having a bad credit score label is hard thing to shake off, but tit should not stop you from having a good phone contract for bad credit. Why should you be punished with the pay as you go top up process just because you may have had credit issues in the past. It is a high cost method of mobile communications to use a pay as you go sim card, much the same as using pre-payment metres for your gas and electricity. There is very little in the way of help when it comes to a bad credit score, but there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of those in this situation with higher cost penalties. promise to find you’re the very best bad credit phone contract so you can be assured that you are not being punished with the excessive costs associated with pay as you go any longer.


As we are more interested in your present monetary position rather than your past, we are able to make sure that you can get a bad credit mobile contract though without the need to do a credit search on your already damaged credit fie.  If you need a helping hand back on the mobile phone contract ladder, then fill in the form for your chosen handset and within a minute we guarantee that we will find you the best bad credit mobile contract.

If you think that you will only be able to have a lesser phone due to your past credit problems then you are mistaken, we can offer you the latest iPhone or Samsung handset on a bad credit phone contract without penalties for your poor credit score.  We bridge the gap between you and the mobile network providers which is why we can guarantee that everyone with a poor credit score can now find the perfect bad credit mobile contract to suit both pocket and lifestyle.


Even if you have been rejected by a mobile network provider in the past, can make sure that your application will be successful without a need for a further credit check.  You have nothing to lose by applying for your bad credit phone contract, as we will never leave a footprint on your credit file by carrying out a search, and if you decide that you want to stay with pay as you go then you do not have to take the application any further.  It is worth filling out the enquiry form as you will then be able to see how much your perfect phone would cost you weekly and once you compare that with your usual top up credit spend, you may well find that you can even save money on a bad credit mobile contract.

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