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Buy now pay later

Savvy Shoppers Are Heading To Flava For ‘Buy Now Pay Later‘ Grocery Shopping

If you haven’t heard of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later grocery shopping, where have you been? Flava is an online supermarket dedicated to spreading the cost of online food shopping. Rather than paying for everything in one lump sum, shoppers can spread the cost and pay in a much more convenient way. However, it’s not only those who need to spread the cost of their shopping that can benefit. Flava also has a lot of deals, offers, ways to save money and popular products for those who want to treat themselves without breaking the bank.

Buy Now, Pay Later Grocery Shopping

Types of Consumer Already Buying ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Groceries at Flava

  • Savvy Shoppers – If you are someone who likes to hunt bargains and save money wherever you can, you are sure to be impressed with Flava. At Flava, you will find a whole host of fantastic deals. This includes offers on your favourite products, as well as affordable new items to try. You’ll even find daily deals, which often includes incredible items for as little as a penny. You really can’t get cheaper than that.
  • Consumers Wanting to Treat Themselves – Let’s face it, everyone likes to treat themselves every once in a while. Whether there is a specific product that you reserve for special occasions or a meal that you love more than anything else, it’s always nice to have something delicious to look forward to at the end of the day. With Flava, this becomes something you can do a lot more often. When you opt for ‘Buy Now, Pay Later‘ grocery shopping, you don’t need to worry about the cost right away. You are able to treat yourself and enjoy the finer things in life, whilst paying off your order in smaller amounts and at a later date.
  • Struggling Families – Unsurprisingly, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ grocery shopping is hugely popular with large families and families struggling financially. It’s not easy to keep up with the grocery demands of a large family, nor is it easy to keep on budget when there are hungry mouths to feed. Rather than going without, many families are turning to Flava and buying groceries on a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ basis. Thanks to Flava, families can buy everything they need without having to worry about covering the entire cost right away. By splitting the cost into smaller and easier to manage amounts, grocery shopping is no longer a financial burden.


As you can see, a tonne of different shoppers are heading to Flava. Though ‘Buy Now, Pay Later‘ grocery shopping was initially set up to benefit those who are struggling financially, it’s certainly something that benefits many other consumers. There are a lot of deals and offers for the bargain hunters out there, many of which cannot be found at other supermarkets. With such a wide range of products – both well known brands and items new to the market – there is always something new to try and always a way to treat yourself.

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