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Having a phone that works for your lifestyle is incredibly important in today’s society. It means you’re easily contactable, organised, and can carry everything you have such as photos, contacts,  business etc, simply in your pocket.

While this is a great tool to have if you own one, if you have a bad credit score, this can perhaps seem unattainable. Bad credit can come about for a number of reasons, and can really damage your ability to get a mobile or mobile contract in the future. The bad credit mobile contracts that are out there, can also be unfair on you or give you a handset that isn’t the best quality, or a contract that doesn’t give you the benefits you need to go about your daily life.

Get the latest phones on a bad credit mobile contract

But don’t fear, here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we believe in offering everyone the mobile contract that is right for them, regardless of their credit score. You may wonder, how we give such good contracts to those with bad credit when there are those with good credit. Well, we only specify in helping those with bad credit. This means that nobody will put over you with a better score, and we can 100% guarantee that you will be given a contract with us. Nobody gets turned away or denied with us at Phones 4 Bad Credit.


For those of you liking the idea of having a bad credit mobile contract with us, you may still be worrying if your credit score is very low and if we will offer you a lesser contract. However, here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we pride ourselves on the fact that we carry out ZERO credit checks, in the beginning or throughout your contract with us. Isn’t that amazing? We simply don’t see the need for it when we specify in bad credit mobile contracts anyway. So, no matter how low your score is, fear not, as you will be guaranteed a contract with us, and one that will be beneficial to you.


Instead, we set up a contract with you based on your budget. Whether your budget is as little as £2.36 a week, we will offer you a contract that means you can pay it with no worries every month, and not leave you with any money left. Setting up this personalised contract that you can pay easily, means you will receive no hassling phone calls from us, and no unnecessary extra charges on top of your bill.


The great thing as well is that your bad credit mobile contract can be set up right away, and with only a few setup questions, you can have your bad credit mobile contract made active immediately. Not to mention that you can also choose your handset! Whether you want a simple phone purely for contacting and storing information, or you want one with a great camera and lots of storage, we can offer you the latest brands to choose from. Join with us at Phones 4 Bad Credit today and rid your credit score fears forever!

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