Contract phones for bad credit guaranteed with no fuss

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If you thought that with bad credit score you will never be accepted for any kind of credit let alone a contract phone for bad credit, at Phones 4 Bad Credit we guarantee that we find you the perfect handset but the best contract to fit in with how
you use your phone.


Getting a Contract phone for bad credit is that easy!


Here are just a few of the great contract phones for bad credit:

  •  iPhone XS
  •  Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • Nokia – Lumia 735
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB
  • HTC One M9 32gig


As well as finding you the perfect contract phone for bad credit, Phones 4 Bad Credit will never carry out a credit check on your credit file as we understand that repeated credit searches can make matters worse.  We show our phones with the weekly repayment terms to make life easier when browsing contract phones for bad credit to see how they fit with your budget and we can guarantee that your contract phone for bad credit will be delivered to your door within days.

Once you tot up how much you are spending monthly on pay as you go top ups you will quickly see how a contract phones for bad credit will not only save you money but will also reduce the anxiety of running our of data or credit when it is most needed.  You probably plan your entire day around the phone credit, continually making sure that you still have credit by calling the top up line just to check remaining credit. You will never have the same benefits from a pay as you go sim card against a contract phone.  You are not covered for manufacturing issues with your handset, nor do you get the cheaper roaming charges or provider offers.

All you need to do to start the ball rolling is to fill in the simple enquiry form and a friendly member of our customer care team will sort out the rest for you.  We will need a few basic questions regarding address and contact details and a new contract phone for bad credit will be on its way to you within days. You will soon be enjoying the freedom that a contract phone for bad credit will give you.  You will also be able to use your phone better than before as you will be able to use apps and websites that previously you were scared to use because of the risk of running out of credit or data.

At Phones 4 Bad Credit out prices start from £2.36 a week, the price of only one top up a month, you can have a smart new handset with a great contract phone for bad credit that will ensure you are kept up to date with your calls, emails and social media apps without the worry of running out of credit when you most need it.  Fill out our enquiry form to get quick and friendly advice to help you on your way to the perfect contract phone for bad credit.

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