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When setting up a contract with a phone provider, even if you have the money and the reliability to pay each month, it still is a hassling thing to keep on top of and set-up. Often there are times when providers make you feel like you have no control over your contract at all, with extra costs and charges that you simply didn’t need. This is even worse for people who suffer with a low credit score. Having a bad credit mobile contract if you can get one, can make you feel like you have no authority over your contract, and getting one set-up in the first place can be even harder.

But here at Accepted Mobile, we understand how difficult it can be if you suffer from bad credit to get a phone contract that benefits you, and puts you first. We are committed to doing just this, and our aim over the years is to provide bad credit holders with the best service and best contract for them, with no hassle and unnecessary charges.


Control your bad credit mobile contract

We’ve been around for a while, and see how difficult it is to obtain a beneficial contract if you have a low credit score, so that’s why we specify purely in helping those with bad credit, find a mobile contract. This means that when signing up with us, you won’t have to worry about people with better credit being preferred over you or receiving better deals. You and other low credit holders will be treated as equals, and receive the same benefits. This means you can let go of the stress and anxiety of having bad credit, as every one of our other holders will be in the same position.


Perhaps the best thing about signing up to a contract with us, is that in the beginning of your contract and throughout, we never carry out credit-checks. Other companies will use your credit score as a way to control what benefits you get, and if you are a reliable customer. Your credit score can totally define you not just in getting a phone contract, but in areas such as applying for a mortgage and housing as well. This can potentially be unfair if you have had a few accidental missed payments in the past as your score can influence your ability to get benefits later on.


We don’t feel the need to carry out credit-checks. Due to us specifying in helping those with bad credit, there’s simply no reason for us to ask for your score to be supplied as everyone is in the same boat. This also means that when you sign up for a contract with us, you can feel more in power and like you the customer are valued more than your score, which is what we want to achieve.

This also means that you will be 100% guaranteed to be accepted with us due to us not carrying out credit-checks. You can rid yourself of fears of not being accepted with us, as after all, we like to stand by our name here at Accepted Mobile, and pride ourselves on it.


This may spark questions as to how we know you are a reliable customer, and if you will keep up with your bad credit mobile contract payment every month. Well, instead of using your credit score as a way to control your monthly payments, you simply need to tell us your budget. We will take your budget into account, with can be as little as £2.36 a week, and go from there. By you giving us a budget that you know you’ll be able to easily keep up with every month, then we know we won’t have to worry about you missing payments or keeping a track of your score. Not only does this make you more in control of your contract, it also forms a great deal of trust between us at Accepted Mobile, and you the customer. This means any stress of you not being able to pay your phone bill can be rid of, as you’ll be able to pay it with no hassle at all every month.

Not only does your budget mean we can offer you an affordable bad credit mobile contract, we also give you the opportunity to choose your new handset. Whether you want the newest development from Apple, Samsung or Nokia, or you want a simple phone that does the job well, we’re sure that we can find the right phone for you and tie it in nicely with your budget.

With a quick and easy set-up process, and our great reasons for joining us above, there really is no reason to say no if you suffer from bad credit, as here at Accepted Mobile, we simply believe in accepting everyone equally, and keeping everyone connected with affordable prices.

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