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With hundreds of different smartphones available now, many people struggle when finding the perfect phone. From the latest iPhone with all the gadgets to an android which can be used simply for call and texts with loved ones, it is essential in this day and age to have a phone. People who struggle with bad credit find it harder to get a mobile contract and if they do they frequently miss out on deals as contract providers favour other customers therefore not everyone receives the deals. At Phones 4 Bad Credit we think it’s vital to treat everyone equally. You can get the best bad credit phone contract with us today. We are the best bad credit phone contract provider around. We promise all of our customers exactly the same thing and keep all of our promises:

Join the 1000’s and get your bad credit phone contract

Zero credit checks – We don’t care about your credit score. As we understand exactly how it feels having bad credit, we offer bad credit phone contracts, meaning it doesn’t matter what your credit score is, there is absolutely no reason to check it. Why would we bother to check it when you are all signing up to a bad credit phone contract? Whether you have any credit score or not, everyone can sign up for our bad credit phone contract.


100% acceptance guarantee – because we offer bad credit phone contracts, there is obviously a 100% acceptance guarantee. Why wouldn’t we accept you when we pride ourselves on treating everyone equally. We just rely on your honesty of being able to pay your contract of choice, from as little as £2.36 a week. We can set up your contract today which will take no longer than 3 minutes and only requires a few questions.


Your budget – due to us not checking your credit score, we rely on your honesty and we need to ensure you are able to pay your bill confidently. That is why in our quick and easy set up to get your bad credit phone contract we ask a few questions and cater entirely to the budget of your choice so you don’t feel stressed about being able to pay. You also get the choice of your handset. Fear not, if you can’t afford much we can still cater a contract for a recent handset with a lower price.


Whether you want the latest smartphone or an old but gold phone, we can provide anything for you. Just sign up today to receive the best deals.

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