Finding your perfect Bad Credit Phone contract

Phone contracts for bad credit

There are hundreds of different smartphones available now on the market with also such a wide variety of network providers. One thing that every provider lacks is being able to provide a contract suitable for people with a bad credit score. Many of these providers will offer a pay as you go sim deal which can become tiring as topping up can become frequent and expensive. At we think it’s vital to treat everyone equally. You can get the best bad credit phone contract with us today. We are the best bad credit phone contract provider around. Let’s face it, a mobile phone is a complete necessity of life these days, and if you are part of the 50% of the population that has had credit problems then finding bad credit phone contract is going to be tough unless you sign up with us.

Finding your perfect Bad Credit Phone contract

All you need you do is simply Look at some of the great phones available on our website, people find it hard to believe you can get such up to date models. It is necessary to have a phone that works for your lifestyle as they are such an important part of today’s society. That is why we have hundreds of different phones to choose from. Many believe a current phone is unobtainable with bad credit however not with us! We have anything, from the newest iPhone to Samsung galaxy’s, it is entirely your choice with our bad credit phone contract. you will wish you had joined us years ago! We offer models such as:


  • Apple iPhone X 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB
  • Apple iPhone XS MAX 64GB
  • Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB
  • Sony Xperia Z3 16GB
  • HTC One M9 32GB


At Phones4BadCredit we DO NOT carry out a credit check, we work specifically with people with bad credit ensuring you can get the best bad credit phone contract suited for your budget. With Our ZERO credit check policy, it means you don’t have to worry about your credit score. We won’t check it at the beginning or throughout so you can sit back and relax once you have signed up with us. So, no matter how low your score is, fear not, as you will be guaranteed a contract phone for bad credit with us, and one that will be beneficial to you.


People often wonder how we can provide such amazing contact phones for bad credit to people but that is because we work specifically with people with bad credit. This means everyone is viewed equally so others won’t be getting a better deal than you as we have a 100% acceptance guarantee.


As the provider, we rely on your honesty in being able to pay your chosen monthly fee. That is why we have contracts available from as little as £2.36 a month. With a bad credit phone contract, you will pay your subscription for 12 months and are able to upgrade after a year like you would with other phone providers.

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