Finding your phone contract for bad credit

Mobile phone contracts for bad credit

It is very rare to see people in the modern world without a phone now, as we thrive on having our handset as our companion in our everyday lives. It enables us to keep being connected with everyone important in our lives, and helps us to complete daily tasks with ease, such as banking, food shopping, and work.


With new phones coming out every year, meaning you can keep track with everyday life even more, it is very tempting to buy the latest and greatest smartphone. If you have the money, then getting ahold of a new phone contract for bad credit is relatively stress free as you can choose the best contract for you. If you have a good credit score as well, then the possibilities of getting a great contract and new phone are endless, and something you wouldn’t lose sleep over at all.


Find your phone contract for bad credit

However, if you suffer from bad credit due to insufficient funds or late payments, then getting a good phone with bad credit is very difficult to find, especially if you want the latest handset equipped with the best contract.

Finding a phone for bad credit then becomes a stressful and time consuming business, when all you want is simply to stay connected for a good price, and not be judged for your score. Contractors will be hesitant to provide you with a contract and handset if they feel that you not a trustworthy customer due to your credit score, even though bad credit can come about for a number of reasons.


However, here at Accepted Mobile, we are dedicated to finding you the best phones for bad credit and contracts as possible. We are dedicated to sticking to our name, and believe in accepting those with bad credit so that you can get a phone and not have to worry. We will 100% guarantee to accept you, so you can rid yourself of any unnecessary stress as we will guarantee to provide you with a contract and phone for bad credit.


Not only do we stand by our 100% acceptance rate, but we also firmly believe in providing you with these three things:

  1. No Credit Checks- You heard that right, because in the beginning of your contract with us and throughout, we guarantee to never ask for a credit check, as we simply don’t need it. Due to us specifying in bad credit, we simply don’t feel the need to check people’s scores.
  2. We include your budget- Because we don’t carry out credit checks, we have to ensure that you will be a reliably customer in another way. By you telling us your budget, which can be as little as £2.36 a week, this ensures that we know you’ll be able to pay your monthly bill with ease.
  3. You can be set-up today- You can get a hold of a bad credit phone contract with us today, due to our two minute set-up being so easy and hassle-free. So what’s stopping you? Join us here at Accepted Mobile today, and receive your new bad credit contract immediately.

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