Get your bad credit mobile contract

Bad credit mobile contracts

When setting up a contract with a phone provider, even if you have the money and the reliability to pay each month, it still is a hassling thing to keep on top of and set-up. Often there are times when providers make you feel like you have no control over your contract at all, with extra costs and charges that you simply didn’t need. This is even worse for people who suffer with a low credit score. Having a bad credit mobile contract if you can get one, can make you feel like you have no authority over your contract, and getting one set-up in the first place can be even harder when finding a phone for bad credit.


The way forward with a bad credit mobile contract

But here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we understand how difficult it can be if you suffer from bad credit to get a phone contract that benefits you, and puts you first. We are committed to doing just this, and our aim over the years is to provide bad credit holders with the best service and best contract for them, with no hassle and unnecessary charges.


We’ve been around for a while, and see how difficult it is to obtain a beneficial contract if you have a low credit score, so that’s why we specify purely in helping those with bad credit, find a mobile contract. This means that when signing up with us, you won’t have to worry about people with better credit being preferred over you or receiving better deals. You and other low credit holders will be treated as equals, and receive the same benefits. This means you can let go of the stress and anxiety of having bad credit, as every one of our other holders will be in the same position.


Here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we know how much people value simplicity when it comes to setting up contracts and other potentially difficult sign-ups. That’s why we believe in providing an easy service for every customer, and pride ourselves on these things:


  1. Our Easy Set-up Service– We pride ourselves on our easy set-up service, which takes about two minutes and means you can be set up and running today. Our set-up takes about two minutes, and just requires some personal details in order to get your account up and running. Once you’ve provided this information, your account will be made immediately, and your phone will be sent out asap.
  2. No Credit Checks– We believe the best part of setting up your contract with us is that we carry out zero credit checks, in the beginning or throughout your contract with us. Due to us specifying in people with bad credit, we don’t see the point in checking your credit score. Because of this, this means you are 100% guaranteed to be accepted. Your worries of not being accepted can be completely forgotten, as we like to stick by our name and provide everyone with a phone for bad credit.
  3. You Get to Choose Your Phone– As well as absolutely getting accepted by us, you also get to choose your phone. Whether you want the latest high tech phone with a great camera, or a simple easy to use handset if you’re less familiar, we’re sure we can provide you with the best phone for you. With thousands to choose from, including Apple, Samsung and Nokia, we sure you’ll be able to find a phone for bad credit to pair with your contract easily.

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