Get a bad credit phone contract without a credit check

Bad credit phone contract

There are many bad credit phone contract websites out there that promise you the world but in fact have your jumping through hoops to end up with a less than ideal phone contract.    Here at Phones 4 Bad Credit we can promise you:

  • No intrusive credit checks
  • A great selection of the latest handsets
  • Tried and trusted mobile network providers
  • Weekly prices shown to easily compare costs
  • Simply application process
  • Delivery within days
  • Great customer service back up


Get your bad credit phone contract today!

Our easy to use website will show you the great range of handset we have available all with a bad credit phone contract.  Nothing hidden, the weekly costs are shown so you can compare how much you currently spend on pay as you go credit top ups.  Once you get back on track with a bad credit phone contract you will start to see savings in your pocket as well as enjoying the freedom from the constant worries of running out of credit.  You will soon find that you become far more productive when your day is not arranged around your phone credit!


There are a hundred and one reasons that people fall into the bad credit box, and with young adults it is through no fault of their own apart from never having credit in the past.  It is a vicious hamster wheel circle, and one that takes a while to get back on once you take a tumble. If you take a bad credit phone contract with us at Phones 4 Bad Credit, you will not have to worry that we will make your credit file worse with an unnecessary credit search,  we understand that even a recorded search can worsen any credit score, accepted or not. All our friendly advisers need to know is your current ability to repay the weekly costs associated with your preferred bad credit phone contract.


Simply fill in the enquiry form and one of our friendly customer service agent will help you through the rest of the process.  We do not judge, and we do not carry out a credit check. You have nothing to lose by enquiring, because we do not carry out a credit check you can be assured that we will be able to give you a selection of handsets, from super network producers and with great tariffs to choose from, so it is easy for you to compare your current costs against a bad credit phone contract from Phones 4 Bad Credit.


Here are the trusted mobile network providers that we are proud to work with to find you the best bad credit phone contract:

  • Tesco Mobile
  • EE
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • 3

Phones 4 Bad Credit will make sure that you get the best handset, on the best tariff to suit your mobile phone lifestyle, plenty of data if you are a constant surfer or committed games master, social app wiz or unlimited call credit if you just like to chat!  We have the bad credit phone contract to suit you.

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