Getting a Contract phone for bad credit

Get your bad credit mobile contract

Did you know mobile phones are the most sought-after device ranking first out of all technological purchases in 2018? And did you know that over 1.5 billion smartphones being sold in 2018, having a bad credit score was the most likely factor to why people were unable to purchase a smartphone? With the ever-growing rise of technology, it is essential to own a smartphone hence why we have the best contract phones for bad credit. Every smartphone has different features that benefit everyone’s day to day lives. Whether it’s a built in personal assistant, or a feature to regularly check the stock market, every feature impacts someone’s day to day life. 


Getting a Contract phone for bad credit

People who struggle with bad credit find it harder to get a mobile contract and if they do they frequently miss out on deals as contract providers favour other customers therefore not everyone receives the deals. At Phones 4 Bad Credit we think it’s vital to treat everyone equally. We like to give our customers the choice of smartphones as each customer knows what will be best for them as well as the choice of colour and even how much storage you need. Whether you want an older model or the newest phone with latest gadgets, we have a wide range of contract phones for bad credit to fit everyone’s needs, from; 

  • IPhone XR
  • IPhone XS
  • IPhone X
  • Galaxy s9/plus
  • Galaxy note 9
  • IPhone 8/plus
  • IPhone 7/plus
  • IPhone 6s/plus
  • IPhone 6/plus


we understand how difficult it can be if you suffer from bad credit to get a phone contract that benefits you. We are a team of people that are committed to doing just this, and our aim over the years is to provide bad credit holders with the best service and best contract for them, with no hassle and unnecessary charges. We just love to help people and know exactly how it feels having a bad credit score which is why we thought it was crucial to set up a contract phone for bad credit which makes you feel in charge.

We’ve been around for a while, and see how difficult it is to obtain a beneficial contract if you have a low credit score, so that’s why we specify purely in helping those with bad credit, find a mobile contract. You and all our other customers will be treated as equals, and receive the same benefits.  This means that when signing up with us, you won’t have to worry about people with better credit being preferred over you or receiving better deals. 


As well your contract phone for bad credit can be set up right away, and with only a few setup questions, you can have your new contract made active immediately. Just remember, it is entirely up to you what you choose!  Whether you want a simple phone purely for contacting and storing information, or you want one with a great camera and lots of storage, we can offer you the latest brands to choose from. Join with us at Phones 4 Bad Credit today for a stress-free contract. 

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