Having Your Bad Credit Mobile Contract!

Knowing your phone contracts for bad credit

Having bad credit isn’t only annoying for those involved, it can get in the way of getting a mortgage, you may also get denied employment, not to mention all the hassling calls from debt collectors. We believe it can be unfair to have all this pressure on your shoulders and then be declined a phone contract. Having a phone in this day and age is basically a human right as they are the most sought-after piece of technology around. With hundreds of different ways then can be used, we believe it is crucial to find a mobile that suits your lifestyle may it be; for gaming, as an online personal assistant, to check the stock markets or simply keeping in contact with loved ones, at Phones4badcredit.com we have the best contract phones for bad credit with a multitude of devices to choose from. We promise all of our customers these 4 things to make their lives a little more stress free:


Having your bad credit mobile contract

  • Zero credit checks – as we are a specialised contract phone for bad credit there is absolutely no reason why we would bother to check our customers credit. We won’t check your credit score at the start of your contract nor throughout because what’s the point? We view everyone equally and don’t favour other customers for a more favourable credit score therefore we aren’t going to check anyone’s credit score. Everyone will receive the same offers and deals from us as everyone is equal in our eyes.


  • 100% acceptance guarantee – because we don’t check credit scores at all, there is absolutely no reason to not accept everyone. this means in our quick and simple set up process for a contract phone for bad credit you won’t have to worry about being turned away at the end as everyone is accepted. This also means because of our 100% acceptance guarantee; your sim card will be activated and ready to use as of today!


  • Your budget – you can create a contract phone for bad credit with us from as little as £2.36 a week. we will offer you a contract that means you can pay it with no worries every month. Setting up this personalised contract that you can pay easily, means you will receive no hassling phone calls from us, and no unnecessary extra charges on top of your bill.


  • Your choice of smartphone – We give our customers the choice of smartphones. Whether you want an older model or the newest phone with latest gadgets, we have a wide range to fit everyone’s needs. From the newest iPhone XR to Samsung galaxy’s or even HTC’s, it is entirely up to you what you choose.


We feel that bad credit shouldn’t get in the way of your life as much as it probably does so we are just trying to make it easier for all of our customers. Why don’t you sign up today? There’s nothing stopping you. Our set up process takes just under 3 minutes and all we need is to ask you a few simple questions.  Phones4badcredit.com will be one of your better decisions this week once you realise that you will soon be saving money against your regular top up credit expenses.

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