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Phone contracts for bad credit

Setting up a contract can be hard enough when you have the funds and a good credit score, as well as it being a time consuming and sometimes tedious experience. But if you want the best deals for you, and reliability, then a monthly contract is the best opportunity for you to do so.


Helping you connect with a contract phone for bad credit

Having said this, the whole set-up process is even more time consuming and less beneficial if you have a low credit score. Bad credit can come about for a number of reasons, and can affect not just your ability to get a phone, but also in housing and other aspects of life. The last thing you want is to be stressing about being able to get a new phone or contract for bad credit. These contracts can also be expensive and not provide you with the best deals as companies will be less trusting of you because of your credit score.


However here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we don’t believe that someone should be judged by their credit score, and instead realise how important it is for people to stay connected for a fair price. We will provide you with a contract phone for bad credit, as well as a great contract to go with it so that your fear of having a low credit score affected your phone contracts, can be diminished.


At Phones 4 Bad Credit, we specify in helping those purely with bad credit. This means that when you set-up a contract with us, nobody will be preferred over you and you will be treated the same as everyone else, and offered the same fantastic deals.


At Phones 4 Bad Credit, our contract phones for bad credit will provide you with these three things that we stand by firmly. We do have other fantastic bonuses for you, but we believe these three things are what really makes us stand out, and will benefit you greatly.

1. 100% Acceptance Rate- Because we specify in helping those with bad credit, we therefore believe that it would be unfair if some people got accepted and some people didn’t. Therefore, we will accept everyone who applies for a contract with us. Your worries of not being accepted because of your score can fade away, and instead be replaced by a feeling of calm as you no longer have to deal with the stress of obtaining a phone or contract, as we specify in contract phones for bad credit.


2.No Credit Checks- From the beginning and throughout your contract with us, we will not require your credit score at all. Due to us helping people with bad credit, we simply don’t see the need in asking people for their credit score, so we don’t at all. No matter how low your score is, it simply doesn’t matter, as you will be guaranteed to be accepted anyway.


3. Your budget- As well as the two fantastic things above, we also take into account your budget. By you giving us your monthly budget, which can be as little as £3 a week, we will make sure to find you a contract that you can pay easily each month. This means that you will receive no hassling calls or extra charges, and will be able to pay your bill with ease every month.

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