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The world population is unsurprisingly growing more and more every year, and with that hundreds of mobile contracts are made every year as well, to ensure that everyone can stay connected all over the planet.

Mobile contracts for bad credit enable a well-structured and beneficial plan for those wanting a sim and handset. They also seem like a relatively easy thing to obtain, however this can be a common misconception.

The company you decide to set up a contract with will assess your credit score before finalising the contract. Checking your credit score will enable them to see how much of a reliable customer you are with past payments, and if you are likely to fall behind.


Know your bad credit mobile contracts

Having a phone is pretty necessary in working life nowadays, and for those bad credit, phones are a stressful experience when you need one plus a sim but are struggling to find a provider that can tailor to your budget or even offer you a contract in the first place. Bad credit can come about for a multitude of reasons, and affect not just your ability to get a phone, but housing and jobs too.


That’s why here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we aim to take out the stress in setting up a phone contract, so that we can make your life easier with a low credit score. Our quick and easy 2 minute set-up service, will have you with a new phone and contract today!


  1. No Credit Checks-perhaps the best thing about setting up a contract with us is that we carry out zero credit checks in the beginning or throughout your contract with us. Due to us specifying in people with bad credit, we simply don’t see the need in asking for your credit score. This means that other people won’t be preferred over you with a better credit score, and you don’t have to stress about how low your score is, as it simply doesn’t matter to us. This means that we will 100% guarantee to accept everyone who sets up a contract with us, isn’t that great?


  1. We take into account your budget– because of us not checking your credit score, your bad credit phone contract simply requires a few other details so we know you’ll be able to keep up with your payments. Instead, you tell us your budget in our 2 minute set up, and we will offer you contracts that you’ll be able to pay monthly easily. Your budget can be as little as £2.36 a week, and with this means that the stress and hassle of paying your phone contract every month, goes out the window. We understand how stressful it can be to find the money for an expensive contract, so instead our bad credit phone contracts are designed with ease, so you can pay every month without a worry.


  1. You can be set-up and running today– our set-up process is so easy after our points above, that once you supply us with a few personal details, your budget, and which phone you would like, we can have your phone sent out asap and your contract starting today! This means all your bad credit phone contract stress can finally be extinguished, and instead you can start your new connected life rid of any phone contract anxiety.

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