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Bad credit mobile contracts

In this generation, phones are the most sought after device. With the rise of technology, it is obvious why. Most smartphones have the ability to benefit people in every age bracket in their day to day life by having access to voice activated personal assistants, internet connectivity, a mobile browser, embedded memory and wireless synchronisation to other devices. Having a bad credit score would ruin your chances of reaping these benefits hence why we provide a bad credit phone contract that anyone is able to sign up to.


Get the latest bad credit phone contracts

With over 1.5 billion smartphones being sold in 2018, having a bad credit score was the most likely factor to why people were unable to purchase a smartphone. With our bad credit phone contract, we cater to the price you feel most comfortable with paying making it easy for you. From as little as £2.36 a week, you are able to dictate your choice of smartphone as long as you feel able with paying it, you are in control.


Most phone providers release new contract deals every month but most being unsatisfactory deals. They often make you feel like you have no control over your contract and will surprise you with extra costs. That is also a main factor in people being unable to pay these off therefore leading to them having bad credit ratings. We are one of the only providers for bad credit phone contracts which make you feel at ease setting up a bad credit phone contract as we understand how difficult it can be. We have a 100% acceptance guarantee, leaving you stress free!


At Phones 4 Bad Credit, we view everyone equally. All our other customers are in exactly the same position in this bad credit phone contract so you won’t have to worry about people with better credit being preferred over you or receiving better deals. Having a bad credit score can affect you in other areas too such as getting a mortgage so this is why we are willing to provide a bad credit phone contract. As long as you select an honest amount that you can pay weekly, we will let you have full control in our quick and easy set up process. All you need is a UK bank account and a UK debit card that we can take the monthly contract payment from then we can accept you for a bad credit phone contract.


With more and more people signing up to us every day, we focus on constantly updating our offers and contracts daily meaning you are getting the best value for money. With our easy set up process, it won’t take any longer than 3 minutes. With zero credit checks, hundreds of deals to choose from and a 100% acceptance rate we are inevitably the best bad credit phone contract on the market.

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