Latest releases with bad credit phone contracts

Phones for bad credit

As the new iPhone XR that has just come out, many people view it as unattainable since they have bad credit. Many phone providers won’t accept them for a phone contract due to bad credit and if they do they are unable to access all the benefits. However, we are a bad credit phone contract that will allow you to own this from as little as £2.36 a week. It’s not just iPhones, we also have all Samsungs, HTC and Sony phones available.


Latest releases with phones for bad credit

People often ask how we do it, but we specifically work with people with bad credit to offer them the newest phones and deals so we understand how frustrating it can be when providers don’t accept you for a contract. If they don’t reject you from a contract, they usually won’t allow you to all the benefits that their other customers are receiving however we view everyone equally.


It can be hard getting a bad credit phone contract but with our 100% acceptance rate We can guarantee acceptance to everyone and anyone no matter what your credit history has been. With a subscription service that is easy to understand, will accept everyone.

As the provider, we rely on your honesty in being able to pay your chosen monthly fee. That is why we have contracts available from as little as £2.36 a month. With a bad credit phone contract, you will pay your subscription for 12 months and are able to upgrade after a year like you would with other phone providers.


There are no hidden catches. Everyone is accepted with our zero credit check policy and our 100% acceptance rate. Why miss out?

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