Looking for a phone contracts for bad credit

That Bad Credit Mobile Contract feeling

When you have poor credit and need a change from a pay as you go phone, a phone contract for bad credit can be the answer as you may have found you have been rejected by network providers directly because the have a carried out a credit check on your file. Here at Phones 4 Bad Credit we NEVER carry out a credit check, as we understand the problems that too many credit searches can in fact damage your credit file more than necessary. We have some superb handsets with the best phone contract for bad credit available on the internet today. We have bad credit phone contracts with the best network providers in the UK:

  • Orange
  • 3
  • BT Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • EE


Find your perfect Phone contract for bad credit!

From Apple iPhones to Samsung and Nokia, we have the best handsets available on a phone contract for bad credit. Here at Phones 4 Bad Credit you will find the best tariff for your requirements. If you use your phone to keep up with news, social media and the use streaming music apps, then we have some great phone contracts for bad credit to obtain great data packages as well as calling credit to cover all eventualities. If you tend to use your phone for chatting and keeping in touch with friends and family, then an unlimited call package is the best option with a great handset is for you. Take a look at the selection below, all available with a phone contract for bad credit.

  • Apple – iPhone X
  • Apple – iPhone 8
  • Nokia – Lumia 930
  • Nokia – 640 XL
  • Samsung – Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB
  • Samsung – Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB
  • HTC One M9 32gig


At Phones 4 Bad Credit we are upfront with our prices and the weekly prices for each phone is shown to help you decide on the best phone contract for bad credit that suits your budget. Our team are ready and waiting to take you through the simple process of obtaining a contract phone for bad credit. Just fill out the simple enquiry form with your contact details and we will do the rest for you. You can be making calls and keeping up with your social media apps in just a matter of days. We promise that no credit checks are carried out on your credit file, so you can be assured we will never add to your credit problems.
Once you tot up the amount your are spending in your pay as you go phone for credit top ups, you will quickly see that a phone contract for bad credit will not only ensure you are always in touch with important calls, but you will be saving a lot of expense with forever topping up your call credit. Having a phone contract for bad credit will be the key to the freedom of being able to use your phone to the best of its abilities without it costing a small fortune. Just fill in the enquiry form and you will soon be on your way to less anxiety and more social interaction.

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