Make the switch to a bad credit contract

Bad credit mobile contracts

With new phones coming out every month and the rise of technology keeping everyone in the loop, new devices are becoming more and more popular. People frequently lust after the new technology such as AirPods which have become the latest craze. AirPods are connected to Apple phones which in this day and age are the most popular phone on the market. This is due to the extensive apps every iPhone holds, from gaming or looking at stocks they have everything to suit your lifestyle.


Make the switch to a bad credit contract

Similarly android phones such as Samsung’s are also popular because of their amazing camera technology which makes these phones the best for aspiring photographers. They can also be used for making calls and texts like all the other phones available.

With all these perks people who suffer bad credit feel in the dark and unable to sign up for these amazing phone contracts, but at we are making it easier than ever to sign up for a bad credit phone contract. With a quick and easy set up process that takes just under 3 minutes, don’t hesitate signing up today.


we pride ourselves on the fact that we carry out ZERO credit checks, in the beginning or throughout your contract with us. Which means you won’t have to worry about anything at all. So, no matter how low your score is, you will always be guaranteed a bad credit phone contract with us, and one that will be beneficial to you.


You can choose your budget on your bad credit phone contract. We offer contracts from as little as £2.36 a week. we will offer you a contract that means you can pay it stress free every month. Setting up this personalised bad credit phone contract that you can pay easily, means you will receive no hassling phone calls from us, and no unnecessary extra charges on top of your bill. From as little as £2.36 a week, you are able to dictate your choice of smartphone as long as you feel able with paying it, you are in control.


At phones 4 bad credit we care about our customers and don’t want your bad credit score to put you down. Here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we believe in offering everyone the mobile contract that is right for them, regardless of their credit score. We work specifically in helping people with bad credit nobody will put over you with a better score, and we can 100% guarantee that you will be given a contract with us. Nobody gets turned away or denied a bad credit phone contract with us.

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