New phone contracts for bad credit

phones for bad credit

There are many factors why people find it difficult to get a new phone contract. It could be from the hundreds of available smartphones or even from the many different providers available. However, bad credit is one of the leading problems in people struggling to get a new phone contract. Bad credit doesn’t only stop people from getting a phone contract, it can also stop people from being employed or even finding it difficult being approved for an apartment. Because of all the issues bad credit provides and us knowing how it feels, we really sympathise with people who encounter issues with credit score hence why we’ve started a bad credit phone contract for everyone.


The latest in phone contracts for bad credit

We view everyone equally, which means good or bad credit you are able to sign up with us. We guarantee ZERO credit checks ensuring that at the beginning or throughout we won’t check your credit score. It doesn’t matter to us whether your credit score is amazing or if it isn’t, equality is key. Many other providers will offer better deals to people with better credit and can do surprise credit checks throughout your contract, but we aren’t like that here at phones for bad credit. We offer the best bad credit phone contracts with zero credit checks.


There is also a 100% acceptance guarantee promise. Why wouldn’t we accept you? Bad credit is the only thing that can get in the way of getting a phone contract, but our bad credit phone contracts are designed for everyone meaning no one will get rejected. You can get your new phone contract from as little as £2.36 a week. As long as you are confident in being able to pay the weekly amount, your contract will be sustained.


Budget can be crucial as many people think they are able to pay an amount for their phone contracts and then get caught out by other phone providers. When they are unable to pay, this can also affect their credit score even more which is disheartening. With Phone4BadCredit, we cater to you. YOU choose your budget, from as little as £2.36 a week you can choose any handset you like.


With such a wide range of smartphones available in this day and age, many feels that they won’t be able to qualify for a newer handset if their credit score affects them. As phones play such a vital part in today’s society, people find it necessary to stay connected therefore we have such a wide range of handsets to cater to everyone’s needs. If it be from using your mobile as an aid with a built in personal assistant or whether it be to play the newest games we have everything for you with our bad credit phone contracts.


Another issue people face is the long-winded set-up process with other phone providers. They face endless cold calls and constant messages from the suppliers. With our bad credit phone contracts, it is such a simple set up process. In just under 3 minutes, and only a few simple questions, your new phone can be activated and ready to use from today.


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