No fuss with a guaranteed contract phone for bad credit

Phone Contracts for Bad Credit

Guaranteed contract phones for bad credit

It may be unbelievable, but it is true that you can get a contract phone for bad credit without the need for a credit check, at Phones 4 Bad Credit we will help you find the perfect handset with the very best tariff to suit your needs.  A contract phone for bad credit can be in your hands within days. No more annoying credit top ups to make sure you never run out of credit, no more unexpected loss of credit for calling a number that cost you all your credit at once. Every pay as you go mobile phone user will understand this and is probably used to hefty repair bills as well but now you can have a contract phone for bad credit you can say goodbye to the anxiety that a pay as you go phone can cause.


From fantastic mobile network providers to the very latest handsets, Phones 4 Bad Credit is definitely the place to find your perfect contract phone for bad credit. We promise never to carry out a credit check as that will only serve to show us your credit history, we are interested in your current ability to repay the weekly amounts and we realise that unnecessary credit checks will damage a fragile credit file further.  The best contract phones for bad credit can be found with the weekly costs shown so you are able to see how much money you could save instantly against pay as you go credit top ups. Here are just a few of the fantastic handsets we have on offer on contract phones for bad credit:

  • Nokia – Lumia 930
  • Nokia – 640 XL
  • Samsung – Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB
  • Samsung – Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB
  • HTC One M9 32gig
  • Apple – iPhone X
  • Apple – iPhone 8


Once you have selected your favourite handset, check the contract finder and match the best tariff for your needs.  You will need to fill in the enquiry form and then a member of our team will help you through the simple process to get your contract phone for bad credit.

From prices as low as £2.36 a week you can put yourself back on track with your communications.  No longer will you need to rudely cut call short in case you run out of credit. No longer will you end up paying a massive data package fee when you run out of Wi-Fi hotspots.  It is such a normal part of everyday life to have a mobile phone, it is just a shame that the slightest credit blip can cut off your ability to obtain a mobile phone. There are also many unscrupulous websites that will try to take advantage of this as well by asking for huge upfront fees or sending you a used and outdated handset to use for a few months until, you prove your credit worthiness. Phones 4 Bad Credit  are proud to say that we are the only contract phone for bad credit website that do exactly as we say, find you the perfect handset with no credit checks, ever!

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