Perfect phone contracts for bad credit

Bad credit phone contracts

For those of us with bad credit, setting up a phone contract is not something we would want to worry about, as credit scores can impact other things much more major such as mortgages, cars, basically anything that requires a credit score check-up. Due to this, a phone contract is the last thing we would want to worry about, but it is also important to stay connected in the world today. We’ve been around for a while, and have seen how having a low credit score can impact peoples phone contracts, so we specify in helping purely those with a bad credit score. This means that when you are offered a bad credit phone contract with us, nobody will be preferred over you, and nobody with a higher credit score will reap the benefits more.

The perfect Phone contracts for bad credit

At Phones4BadCredit, we believe in these three things that make us the best bad credit phone contract operators available:

Zero Credit Checks- it doesn’t matter how low your credit score, we simply don’t look at them at all. Due to us specifying in helping those with bad credit, we don’t view your credit score at any point throughout your contract. This means that you can eliminate all of your stresses about telling us your credit score, as no matter how low it is, it doesn’t matter to us, and we’re sure that we can find the right contract for you.

100% Acceptance Guaranteed- Because we don’t look at your credit score in the beginning or throughout your contract, this means that we have a 100% acceptance guarantee, and offer you a contract with us. It’s also because we just love to help people in need of a new bad credit phone contract. We can set your contract up and running today, with just a few simple questions to answer.

Your Budget- Due to us not carrying out credit checks, we need to ensure that you will be able to pay your monthly bill on time stress free. That’s why in our quick and easy set-up process, you can tell us your budget, and we’ll find you contracts that fits your lifestyle easily. This can be as little as £2.36 a week, just as long you’re confident that you can pay it every time. Plus, you get to pick your handset to go with your bad credit phone contract. Whether you want the latest smartphone gadget, or something simple and easy to use, we’re sure that we can find the right contract for you today.

With a quick and easy set-up process, and our great reasons for joining us above, there really is no reason to say no if you suffer from bad credit, as here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we simply believe in accepting everyone equally, and keeping everyone connected with affordable prices.

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