Sign up for a bad credit phone contract today!

Bad credit phone cotnracts

Did you know that 554 iPhones are sold every minute in the world? That also makes Apple the biggest phone company on this earth. However the leading reason for people being unable to own an Apple phone is due to having a bad credit score. Having a bad credit rating can also affect your ability in renting/buying an apartment/house, troubles with employment and so many more. We believe owning a phone is a basic human right in this day and age, that is why we have the perfect bad credit phone contracts for everyone. Whether you’re struggling with bad credit or are just looking for a cheaper contract, you can sign up to a mobile with is from as little as £2.36 a week.

Whether you want the newest Apple or a trusty android, we have everything to suit your technological needs. If you’re interested in gaming, keeping check of stocks, or using social media – we’ve got you covered! It is a completely stress-free process signing up with us and it takes less than 3 minutes and only a few basic questions from you. After that your phone will be activated immediately. Sounds simple!  Why not sign up today for your new bad credit phone contract and see for yourself?

Sign up for a bad credit phone contract today!

Look at some of the great phones available on a bad credit phone contract from, you will wish you had joined us sooner!

·       Apple iPhone X 64GB

·       Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB

·       Apple iPhone XS MAX 64GB

·       Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB

·       Sony Xperia Z3 16GB

·       HTC One M9 32GB

People paten find the hardest part about applying for a phone contract (let alone a bad credit phone contract) the set-up process. At use the easy subscription service to help those with a poor credit score get a bad credit phone contract of their dreams.  Nothing could be simpler to set up:


·       Select the smartphone of your choice from the great range of bad credit phone contracts

·       Decide if you need a sim only or sim and starter phone package

·       Fill in your details, address and phone number

·       Check your monthly repayments are within your budget

·       If you are happy with your quote we will need your debit card details and the best suitable day of the month to take your payments

·       Your sim or sim and starter phone will arrive within a few days

·       After 3 months of great payments your chosen phone will arrive brand new in a sealed box

·       You have an 18-month contract but can upgrade after just one year

We have a bad credit phone contract that will make sure that you are keeping up with your friends and colleagues when you have a mobile phone to be proud of.

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