Simple bad credit phone contracts

Bad credit phone contracts

Often people find setting up a new phone contract can be such a stressful process. With many contract providers making it an annoying process and often taking advantage of new customers. At Phones For Bad Credit, we believe it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. We try to make it as easy for our customers as the majority of them are already struggling with bad credit hence why they come and subscribe for our bad credit phone contracts. As they are already having issues setting up their contracts because of bad credit, why else would we want you to suffer a long a strenuous set up process? Credit ratings usually effect setting up a phone contract massively but our specially designed bad credit phone contracts make it easy for everyone.


Simple Bad Credit Phone Contracts

Whether you’re using us simply for a new contract and not a new phone, don’t hesitate to upgrade your current phone with us, as we will give you the best bad credit phone contract for you, and a great smartphone on top. We have the latest handsets from the newest iPhone XR to Samsung’s. Whether you want your phone for gaming or staying connected, we can provide anything you like.


Many other companies that provide bad credit phone contracts usually offer very generic deals, however at Phones4BadCredit we can offer any handset of your choice and we cater to your budget. From as little as £2.36 a week you are in charge. As long as you’re confident in being able to pay this, you will receive the best deal for you. Your bad credit phone contract is entirely tailored to you. We believe everyone deserves a phone contract despite their credit score.

We will not conduct credit checks throughout your contract with us either. This is because we believe credit scores don’t matter, so why would we bother to check? So, there’s no need to worry about how low your score is, as we just choose a contract that is exactly right for you and one you can pay for easily every month.


We design our contracts with every individual with bad credit in mind, as we understand the different situations and circumstances that can lead to bad credit. Even if you don’t have a bad credit score, you may still apply for a bad credit phone contract as we know how hard it can be if you don’t have a very high budget for your mobile phone. Should you wish to find out more about your options with us or have any queries, then get in touch or browse our range of contracts available.


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