the best contract phone for bad credit

Bad Credit Mobile Contracts

Having a bad credit score can effect your life in many ways. It can not only stop you from getting a mortgage, it can also affect you getting a home/apartment, taking out a bank loan and even contribute toward job rejections. A credit rating can massively influence your ability to get a new phone or contract as providers will use this to judge if you are a reliable customer. If you have a good credit score you need not worry however those with a bad credit rating will be feeling left in the dark. here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we specify in helping those with bad credit phone contracts, no matter how low your score is, giving you a chance to get the best contract phone for bad credit around.

The best contract phone for bad credit

With an unbelievable amount of new smartphones currently being released, we can offer you anything of your choice from as little as £2.36 a week. Whether you want to stay connected or simply just make calls and texts, it is entirely up to you. With handsets from the latest iPhone xr which contains thousands of apps, so whether you intend to use it for gaming our business purposes it’s got everything you need. Or if you’re an android user we have all types of Samsung’s and HTC’s available. If you’re in it for the impeccable camera quality or just wanted a reliable android, check out all the phones we have on offer on our website.

We believe everyone is entitled to a phone of their choice and everyone is equal which means other customers won’t be favoured over you for simply having a better credit score. No matter how big or small your budget, we can get you a contract phone for bad credit set up and running today. It will take under 3 minutes, and a few simple questions asked, what’s stopping you? With no credit checks and a 100% acceptance guarantee, this is absolutely the best bad credit phone contract around.


We do not conduct credit checks at the beginning or throughout your contract leaving you stress free. We don’t want you to feel tense about your credit score ever, so once you’ve signed up that’s it! No hassling cold calls and no credit checks.

We design contracts with everyone in mind, as we of all people knows how hard it can be living with a bad credit score and how little a budget others have. You are 100% guaranteed a contract phone for bad credit, so what’s holding you back?

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