The extra mile with a contract phone for bad credit 

Phones for bad credit

At we view everyone equally. All our other customers are in exactly the same position and struggle with bad credit. Having a bad credit score can affect you in other areas too such as getting a mortgage so this is why we are willing to provide contract phones for bad credit. All you need is a UK bank account and a UK debit card that we can take the monthly contract payment from then we can accept you for a bad credit phone contract. Because we view everyone equally, you won’t have to worry about people with better credit being preferred over you or receiving better deals. Just the act of applying for any form of credit will trigger a search on your account and that can damage your score even further without trying. At we understand how this works against the normal person just wanting to be able to get on with their everyday life without having to keep one eye on the pay as you go credit running out.  For some people with busy lives a pay as you go phone can be time wasting and money draining.

The extra mile with a contract phone for bad credit

With over 1.5 billion smartphones being sold in 2018, having a bad credit score was the most likely factor to why people were unable to purchase a smartphone. With our bad credit phone contract, we cater to the price you feel most comfortable with paying making it easy for you. From as little as £2.36 a week, you are able to dictate your choice of smartphone as long as you feel able with paying it, you are in control. You are never going to find an Apple iPhone XR or a Samsung Galaxy 9 on any form of phone contract for less than £35 a month regardless of good or bad credit,


At our contract phones for bad credit are guaranteed without the need for a credit check. The best part about choosing a contract phone for bad credit with us is that we do not conduct credit checks in the beginning or throughout your contract with us. This is because we believe that credit doesn’t matters when it comes to your contract. So, there’s no need to worry about how low your score is, as we just choose a contract that is tailored for you and one you can pay for easily every month.



Come on board with us at and stop living in the past with a pay as you go top up mobile. We design contracts with everyone in mind, as we of all people knows how hard it can be living with a bad credit score and how little some others have. You are 100% guaranteed a contract phone for bad credit, so what’s holding you back? Fill in your details today and join our huge mobile network and in just days you can kiss goodbye to the pay as you go nightmare!

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