The new bad credit mobile contracts

Phones for bad credit

A lot of people who are setting up their phone contract assume that it’s going to be an easy process, and while they are time-consuming, they generally are. But for those with bad credit, a mobile contract can be much harder to obtain, and when they are obtained they are often unfair and not as beneficial as you need them to be. Here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we specify in proving bad credit mobile contracts to people who have a low score, but want the best contract for them.


New bad credit mobile contracts

One of the great things about choosing a bad credit mobile contract with us is that you are 100% guaranteed to be provided a contract with us. Due to us specifying in working with people who have bad credit, this means that nobody will be placed over you or preferred, so we can guarantee you a contract.


Perhaps the best thing of all is that we will carry out NO credit checks on you in the beginning of your contract with us or throughout. You may be thinking, how is it possible to get a phone contract with a company that carries out no credit checks? Well we simply don’t see the point in them. Instead, you tell us the budget that you have, and we work with what you give us. Therefore, by giving us a suitable budget that you can pay every month without a doubt, then we don’t need to carry out any credit checks due to having a reliable contract agreement.


We have hundreds of contracts to choose from, so we’re sure that we will find the one that is right for you, and with no credit checks being carried out, you don’t need to worry about not being accepted.


Not to mention that your bad credit mobile contract can be set up today, and only take a few minutes, resulting in your new phone being sent to you within a few days. We have loads of phones to choose from as well, so don’t worry about not finding the one that’s right for you, as we will find you the right handset to keep up with your lifestyle.


Everyone should have the right to a contract that’s beneficial to them, even with bad credit. So what’s stopping you from finding a contract with us? We will provide you with no credit checks, an individual contract and phone, and an instant set up process. There really is no reason to say no, so come and set up your bad credit mobile contract with us today, or enquire for any additional information you need.

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