The perfect bad credit mobile contract

bad credit mobile contracts

Receiving a phone for a special day or simply treating yourself should be an exciting and fun gift to receive, however with a bad credit score this can be daunting and stressful. A mobile phone is very necessary in the world we live in today, and here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we believe you should get the best mobile phone for bad credit as possible.


Get the perfect bad credit mobile contract

The easiest way to manage a mobile phone is with a monthly mobile phone contract. This means you can get your own tailored monthly contract that you can pay in affordable monthly instalments. With our mobile phone contract for bad credit, it’s easy to keep track of spending and you don’t have to worry about your credit running out. There’s really no reason to turn down a mobile phone bad credit contract, as it’s cost effective and easy, and the deals are even better with us here at Phones 4 Bad Credit.


For those with bad credit, the mobile phone bad credit contracts aren’t always available, and when they are they aren’t always fair on you the customer. However here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we specialise in mobile phones for bad credit, and if you have a poor credit rating then we will guarantee to help you and give you the contract you deserve.

Our setup process only takes a few minutes, as we require a few details from you in order to get you your perfect bad credit mobile contract. The reason it only takes a few minutes, is because we carry out NO credit checks in the beginning of your contract with us and throughout. That’s because in dealing with people solely with bad credit, means that credit scores aren’t viewed as important to us. So don’t worry about your score when setting up a contract with us, as we won’t take it into account or even ask for it. Because of this, we 100% guarantee that you will be offered a bad credit mobile contract with us.


You also get to pick out your mobile phone! Many contracts will limit you to certain phones and handsets depending on your score, but here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we believe that you should get the phone that’s right for you. We can offer you the latest IPhone, Samsung, Nokia and many more depending on what you want, for as little a £2.36 a week depending on your budget.


So what’s stopping you? Set up a bad credit mobile contract with us today at Phones 4 Bad Credit, and get the best contract and phone for you that tailors to your budget, and not your credit score.

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