Upgrade to a Contract phone for bad credit

Phone contracts for bad credit

Are you suffering with a bad credit score? Have you been unable to sign up for a phone contract because of it? At phones4badcredit.com were here to eliminate all your problems with setting up a phone contract for bad credit. We have all the latest phone from iPhone’s with all the latest apps to Samsung’s with the best cameras. Or whether you’re after something simpler for keeping in contact with loved ones we have HTC’s. We have got you covered by offering everything!

Upgrade to a Contract phone for bad credit

Having a poor credit score can hold you back massively, from getting a mortgage or taking out a bank loan, that’s why we want to make your life simpler by eliminating 1 of the issues along the way – setting up a phone contract. Not being able to have a phone contract due to bad credit means you are more likely to get stuck with a pay as you go SIM card which can be annoying as topping up can be frequent and very expensive, but at phones4badcredit.com you can set up the phone contract for bad credit you’ve always wished for.


From as little as £2.36 a week you get complete freedom over the phone you choose. With many models of iPhones and different versions of Samsung’s, the choice is entirely yours as we believe it’s essential to have a phone that suits your lifestyle. Wether you’re into gaming or you’re an aspiring photographer, you can make your new hobby frequently available with all of our phones. You have the choice, and the power is in your hands.

It’s hard to believe we can offer such amazing phones for such little prices but this is because only you can determine how much you can afford weekly, hence by giving you the choice we also make it easier for you to pay it.


Once you have applied for your new phone contract, you will be accepted immediately as we have a 100% acceptance guarantee. Your new contract will be up and running today, so there is no waiting around. Get signed up today! t’s also because we just love to help people in need of a new bad credit phone contract. We can set your contract up and running today, with just a few simple questions to answer.

With our zero credit check promise you need not worry. We won’t check your credit score at the beginning or throughout your contract, so sleep easy at night, and don’t worry. Kick your feet up and relax, once you’ve signed up it’s all ready from today!

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