Your bad credit mobile contracts

Mobile contracts for bad credit

The world population is unsurprisingly growing more and more every year, and with that hundreds of mobile contracts are made every year as well, to ensure that everyone can stay connected all over the planet.  Mobile contracts enable a well-structured and beneficial plan for those wanting a sim and handset. They also seem like a relatively easy thing to obtain, however this can be a common misconception. The company you decide to set up a contract with will assess your credit score before finalising the contract. Checking your credit score will enable them to see how much of a reliable customer you are with past payments, and if you are likely to fall behind.


Your bad credit mobile contract

Having a phone is pretty necessary in working life nowadays, and for those bad credit, phones are a stressful experience when you need one plus a sim but are struggling to find a provider that can tailor to your budget or even offer you a contract in the first place. Bad credit can come about for a multitude of reasons, and affect not just your ability to get a phone, but housing and jobs too.


That’s why here at Phones 4 Bad Credit, we believe firmly in carrying out ZERO credit checks on our new customers. You may wonder how this is possible, and why we would allow this in our bad credit mobile contract. We do this simply because we specify in helping those with bad credit, so don’t see the point in carrying out credit checks when our customers will have low scores. Instead, when we offer you a contract, all you have to do is tell us your monthly budget, and we can work around that in order for you not to fall back on payments or worry about not having the funds to pay them. Your budget can be as little as £2.36 a week, so don’t worry about having a low budget.


Our contract offers you 3 other great things:

  1. 100% acceptance guaranteed- due to us specifying in bad credit mobile contracts, we accept everyone who applies for a contract with us. That means no more worrying about not being accepted for a contract, or a long wait to get a new phone, as we will provide you with the best contract for you.
  2. Quick and easy set-up- with a guaranteed acceptance, and no credit-checks, our bad credit    mobile contract set-up is therefore quick and easy. All we require is a few personal details, and then we can organise your contract with your budget so that we can get your phone to you as soon as possible.
  3. You can choose your phone- another great part of your bad credit mobile contract with us is that you get to choose your phone. Whether you want a brand new phone with added features, or a simple phone that does the job, we offer a range including Iphone, Samsung, Nokia etc.

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